Lessons From A Beach Pier

It took time, maturity and reflection to realize the lessons given from the pier:

  • Solitude is a well-deserved gift to yourself.
  • When you fish, you clean the fish. Jobs are sometimes no fun, but we receive the rewards of the labor.
  • It doesn’t take a lot of effort to enjoy a day.
  • Life often only needs vivid sunshine, glistening water, sturdy pier, fishing pole, and positive attitude.
  • Even when you have the basics of life there are still messy fish to be cleaned and prickly splinters that cause pain.
  • A calm demeanor and perseverance are the sunshine on our souls.

Love Language

Good luck out there with the busyness of celebrating but remember when you look over at your partner you are sharing this day with, don’t make too big of deal about it. Be with someone who makes you feel good about yourself and if that person happens to be just you and a good book, you may learn something important with a well-chosen book, like what Greek Gods represent.

Thanksgiving Gratitude

Every morning for several years now, I’ve jump-started my day with my much-required-coffee and writing in a gratitude journal all that I am grateful for from the prior day.  I believe that almost every day provides some thing or things to reflect on that I should not take for granted. And starting each day withContinue reading “Thanksgiving Gratitude”

October – Breast Cancer Awareness Month

I am an 18-year breast cancer survivor living in suburbs of Charlotte, NC. During the month of October, breast cancer awareness month has been a big deal where I live, in large part because of the Susan G. Komen-Charlotte organization’s events. One of the largest events in Charlotte has been the 5k held on theContinue reading “October – Breast Cancer Awareness Month”