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Carol Fore Injaychock’s Reflection on life as experienced through breast cancer, career, marriage, spiritual awakening, parenting, travels and other life journeys

Some insight about

Carol Fore Injaychock

I am lots of things, and introspective is a primary component. My blog is intended to share my insights with humor and lessons from the many experiences I have been privlidged to participate in–both the good and bad. Some of my experiences I’ll reflect on in my blogs:

  • Living paycheck to paycheck
  • Marriage – the non-Cinderella kind
  • Children – challenges and blessings
  • Cancer journey that changed everything
  • Surviving life obstacles – job losses and changes
  • Aging parents – Alzheimer’s of my mom
  • Family – spats and forgiveness
  • Self-discovery
  • Spiritual growth – not to be confused with Religous growth
  • Career Craziness

Things that Inspire Me:

  • Sunsets or Sunrises – but since I’m not an early riser, mostly sunsets
  • Floral aromas – especially gardenias
  • Traveling adventures
  • Detours and Mis-steps of well-laid-out plans
  • Fellowship of friends
  • Nature’s beauty
  • A good book or movie with a lesson or motivating message

I am also an author of a book – Matters of the Heart: A Cancer Journey. There are a lot of clinical books on breast cancer, but I found few were about the emotional aspect. I didn’t intend to write a book. Never in all my younger self’s goal settings did I write that down as a goal. I believe the book found me. I began writing classes soon after my cancer treatments were over, on a whim, because I had enjoyed writing in my youth (mostly poems) and through writing classes the book began to emerge. The emotional journey for myself and those who loved me best took form. It wasn’t an overnight process, more like a five year from start to finish slow process, but happen it did. You can find it here:

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