Carol Fore Injaychock

I grew up in Asheville, NC and relocated to Charlotte, NC in my early 20’s without a job, but determined to be where opportunities were more abundant. I waited to marry at age of 30. At the time, I thought I was old. Boy was I wrong. I Have been married to Tom for 33 years. We met three years after I arrived in Charlotte and lived there until four years ago when we moved south of the border (about 14 miles) to Fort Mill, SC. We have one daughter. and are empty nesters with only a cat named Coco sharing our residence.

I was diagnosed with breast cancer 16 years ago which rerouted most all my priorities. I often say, it is an experience I would not wish on my worst enemy (if I have one) but it is a journey that I wouldn’t trade either. It taught me much.

My career spanned several industries, including grocery retail which the short description is I called on grocery chain corporate headquarters for 14 years promoting Ralston Purina pet food and later Wise Snacks people food. After surviving that environment I switched to a completely different industry the last 15 years in financial planning.

My blog posts will follow the theme of this site, matters of the heart that I’ve experienced and pondered. I intend to generate some introspective thinking and hopefully some laughter along the way.

Thanks for stopping by. And I hope your life’s journey is an interesting one.

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