Emergence of Christmas

It never ever fails, does it?  IMMEDIATELY after the last dish of the Thanksgiving meal is put away, the energy of Christmas celebration begins its emergence. As the decorative lights on houses and in yards twinkle their arrival, something else emerges too:

 high-stress levels.  

The shopping, card sending, party attending, and decorating, hoovers over the already lengthy to-do list of life.  

Not being an avid shopper, I stay away from the Saturday/Sunday shopping craziness, and I promise you, as my disappointed shopping daughter will attest to, I have never participated in the Black Friday shopping frenzy.  I totally refuse to participate in that ritual.  There are many of you aliens out there that find that shopping extravaganza “fun.”  

I’m not from the same planet as you.   

What I do enjoy, immensely, is the blank slate of an empty Christmas tree, placed in its securing stand in the corner of our living room, awaiting the lights, ornaments, and ceramic angels to color its green blankness into beauty. For me, the decorating of our Christmas tree is a spiritual ceremony, which celebrates friendships, travels, and life’s momentous occasions.  There are many “Firsts” ornaments:  first year of marriage; first year in the new house; and baby’s first Christmas.  There are numerous angel ornaments collected over the years with intention of our daughter having them on her tree one day. There are many ornaments gifted from friends and family. There are many travel ornaments purchased during a fun trip which take me back to the travels we’ve been fortunate to enjoy.  And the ornaments made by my daughter (now a young adult) in her elementary and middle school years remind me  

how quickly her life has emerged.  

These ornament treasures are an amazing inventory of life’s blessings.  All these memory vessels are surrounded by flickering lights, reminding me of friends who brighten our lives. Some have moved on to become angels above us, looking down, smiling (I hope) at my annual ritual of decorating, when I honor them as I thoughtfully place the item they gifted to us long ago.

The Christmas tree offers much as I decorate.  As I place the ornaments onto the tree, I realize I am being offered something special during this hectic season…

a slowed-down pace the decorating process imposes. 

Christmas emerges from those precious stored boxes of eleven months every year inviting me to revisit the past, be grateful for the present, and be hopeful for the future.  As my awareness of the true meaning of Christmas emerges, which embodies blessings of love, I place the last angel onto the tree, give thanks to all that have emerged within my spirit, and turn away from the tree to place the manger scene on our table.  O’ Holy Night plays from the radio and I smile.


where did I put my shopping list?

Merry Christmas – May new memories be created, and memories of the past fill you with peace, grace, and blessings

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